Özda Yapı Elemanları San. Tic. A.Ş.  was established in 1988 in İstanbul. Our company has 3500 m2 closed area. Transportation, logistics and customer relations activities are carried out at in terms of Istanbul's most important trade district Bayrampaşa.

The reason that our company has covered a long road in a short time is the well-established commercial history of our founders. Our company's general philosophy is Honesty, respect and customer satisfaction.

We have apx. 450 authorized dealers nationwide and export to 7 different countries. Our young and hard-working staff is producing high quality products to suit every budget and today’s needs.

Metal materials used in our products are first-class brass which is extremely durable material. The raw material of Melamine products are imported from Spain and Israel, and thus the quality is always kept in the foreground. We are continuously following the international standards by attending some local and international trade fairs.

We are increasing the quality of our service and products day by day targeting the global market and proving this with having ISO:9001 TUV and TSEK certificates.

Diversity of our products, based on customer satisfaction and continually renewed in accordance with world trends, price ranges, increases the chance of making choices of our clients.

Since the day of establishment, our company all the work sought to be a brand today is a real brand on its own turf.

Our continuous R&D studies increases our companies reputation in our market.  The ultimate goal of all the company's employees and managers is sustainable long-term customer satisfaction, following the world trends and producing heavy-duty products used in all kinds of fields. To increase our position in the market and contribute more to the economy of the country, we are doing the necessary work to increase our exports.